On Mental Health, Interesting Links

I hope these links are interesting and/or useful!:


The clients I work with at my day job are young men. One day, while we sat in group and had the radio on in the background, this song came on.  My clients all spoke of how much they loved this song. It highlighted a part of their experience being alive and struggling to find hope and feel cared for. The artist is Logic, who has put out a song about feelings of depression and feeling hopeless and unloved. But the song changes from darkness to light.  The song validates these painful emotions and the need for love and relationship:



“Disintegration “ by The Cure. This is a song that captures a period in time for me. It helped me cope with feeling numb and depressed :


“Hearing Voices New York City is a group of people that share a common cause: to promote alternative ways of thinking about voices, visions, and other extreme or unusual experiences (or what is commonly called “psychosis”). We are a partnership of voice-hearers, people with lived experience, clinicians, peer-support workers, family members, researchers, activists, and friends. We work together in close collaboration in order to: (1) expand Hearing Voices peer support groups in NYC; (2) educate others about voices in order to reduce stigma, ignorance, and anxiety; (3) understand more about the experience of voice-hearing; and (4) improve the mental health care system by promoting alternative methods for helping people recover from distressing voice experiences.”:



The National Alliance on Mental Illness:

“You Are Not Alone”


McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Web, a great website created by someone who is a journalist on mental health topics and has also been a consumer of mental health services: